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An improved customer experience is a result of two aspects: a competitive environment and digital services.

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With EazyPay, you can keep track of your spending and view your complete financial picture in one place for free.

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EazyPay has access to customer data through technology called application programming interfaces (APIs. They’re a proven technology used in the broader digital economy, designed to provide a secure connection between TPPs and customers’ accounts.

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We understand very well how stressful student life is; that’s why we decided to create an application that would make it easier for students to receive daily services.

Business Tracking

secure online account management and reporting portal for your merchant payment processing account. Get key transaction, reconciliation, and dispute information for all of your card payment streams including credit and debit cards.

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QR-based payments

QR payment is a mobile solution that lets you send payments directly from your account to all kinds of merchants using just your phone.

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integrated payments

in order to make the payment process easier for our customers, we have integrated APM’s such as Apple pay & G-pay into the app

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